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We are proud to present the successor of our previous two popular games Biathlon Manager 2021, Biathlon Manager 2020 and Biathlon Manager 2018

our new game Biathlon Manager 2022!  
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Biathlon Manager 2022 lets you guide a biathlete on a road to World Cups and Winter games (Beijing 2022). You will manage many tactical and strategic sport aspects such as hiring support biathlon team members, selecting proper equipment, training and participating in various tournaments and challenges!


Biathlon Manager 2021 Biathlon Manager 2021 Biathlon Manager 2021 Biathlon Manager 2021




- Easy to play but hard to master -
- Weather conditions; snow, rain, wind and different temperatures that will influence the accuracy of shooting as well as the speed of your biathlete -
- Skills: more than 60 skills can be used during a race. There are common, rare and epic skills. All skills can be upgraded -
- Play 20 seasons and each of them consists of 2 - 8 stages -
- All types of races including classical individual races and pursuit -
- 4 Biathlon challenges: Prove shooting skills in Shooting Challenge, compete against time in Sprint and Individual Challenges as well as against the most famous biathletes in Legendary Challenge -
- 2 Biathlon arenas: Compete against biathletes from all over the world in Sprint and Individual Arenas -
- If you are a top biathlete it is possible to participate in European Championships, World Championships or even in Winter Games -
- Customize the look of your biathlete with your own colors -
- Hire support staff and team members (skiing, shooting coaches and physiotherapists) -
- Buy new equipment (skis and rifles) -
- Improve the lifestyle of your biathlete. You can buy from a brand-new mobile phone and motorbike to a yacht or even a villa -
- Experience random events (e.g. injuries) -
- You can play Biathlon Manager 2022 offline! -